Skin tags are very common. The medical term is fibro-epithelial polyp. They typically occur around the neck, underarms, eyelids, groins and under the breasts, where the skin rubs against skin or clothing. They are benign skin growth. Each looks like a small, oval, hanging piece of skin with a narrow stalk, and can be flesh-coloured or pigmented.

They are more common in older people; after pregnancy; and in over-weight people who are more likely to have skin friction or rubbing.

Skin tags are harmless and will not turn into cancer. Occasionally they may get irritated and bleed; or snagged by clothing or jewelry and cause pain. They are just a piece of redundant skin and can be removed very easily.

Small ones can be cut off with scissors with no anesthesia. Freezing using liquid nitrogen, and burning using an electric cautery are both effective methods to remove larger ones, sometimes under a small amount of local anaesthesia.

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