This is a very common chronic skin disorder with no known causes, and usually happens in children between the ages of 6 to 12. This can be a localised but not obvious eczema, and there is some lose of pigment after the inflammation。


The rash is characterised by patches of lighter skin, mainly on the face, although the neck, upper chest, and arms are sometimes involved. The borders of the rash are not clearly defined, with the affected area blending gradually into normal skin. The surface is usually smooth, but is sometimes covered with very fine skin flakes.

It is not itchy and the patient does not feel anything at all. After exposure to sunlight, the lightened colour is enhanced because the normal skin will become tanned.

It can be distinguished from vitiligo by the border of the rash. The rash of vitiligo has a very distinct border with a sharp line between normal and lighter-coloured skin.

Management & Treatments

Treatment is not necessary since it will resolve on its own as the child gets older. Hydrocortisone may make the patch go away faster but very often it does not help much, and it still takes months to resolve. Avoiding too much sun exposure will reduce the contrast between the patch and surrounding normal skin.

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